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Rob Vieira ~ Leadership & Ethics Speaker

Rob Vieira

Leadership & Ethics Speaker

In his long career serving leadership functions in multiple industries, Rob has learned that motivation, team engagement, and laughs often go together. He first reached acclaim and high reviews for the way his then best selling book series made technical topics more human.

He first began speaking to large audiences (up to 2000) in the late ’90s finding ways to build interesting programs on otherwise dry, technical topics — often by connecting real world relevance and leveraging his trademark self-deprecating humor. Over time, he would trend his speaking more towards practical subjects oriented around his love for people… Read More

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Understanding Power – Personal Power

In our last post, we looked at the bases of power that are positional in nature. That is, they are based on something innate above a position you have or something you control. In this post, we’ll look at bases of personal power – these are things more oriented around you.…

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Understanding Power – Positional Power

In a previous post, we explored the concept of power at a very high level. In this post, we’ll zoom in a little closer to one set of bases of power – those oriented around a person’s position. We broke positional power into three types based the 6 from French…

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Understanding Power – Types of Power

Whenever I hear the word Power, I think of the 1990’s dance classic song “I’ve Got The Power” – I guess I’ll never make it as an evil overlord. That said, the topics I write and speak on are generally about leadership, motivation and ethics though, we’re probably not going…

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